Thursday, January 30, 2014


 My granddog Leo came over-- along with Pandy, Molly's Peke mix (who we think will live forever).
 Scooter is showing off his jacket.  He doesn't need to wear it often!    He has several, but this one has his name on it.  A friend made it for me.
 It has  our web site on it, too.
 Kai Kai wore a Navy blue sweater-- this weather is COLD!
 Oh, yes, Scooter, you are so cute!    
 Max had on a jacket-- he wasn't thrilled.  What they all needed was boots!  But, I don't have those.
 Are you looking for a warm spot, Kai Kai?
 Starlight joined in-- she has inherited Cranberry's pink plaid jacket.  
 I think Cranberry would be pleased that it is being used.
 Oh, my, but you are so cute!  
 Are you running for cover?
 I think Kai Kai would like to be-- he is not into this cold weather at all.
 "Let's break for the house!"
 Scooter hung out on the porch-- he was busy licking the snow.      
 Leo came over-- he just looks puffy-- he's a black lab mix that Molly and Jeremy adopted from the shelter years ago.   He is great with Beach Bit!
 He's looking for the door to go inside!
 And then he and Pandy start playing-- well, Leo did.   Pandy was NOT about the snow!
 She's old and just wants to get warm.    I sent a sweater and jacket home with her.    I have a collection of them.
 Leo, do you want to go in?  
 Time to go inside!  Let's get warm!

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lady jicky said...

Oh boy that looks cold and yet .... here we are in for another hot spell this weekend !!!