Sunday, January 19, 2014


(Some of these are repeat pics, but wanted to include them again.  Such a sweet girl-- on her way to her new home today.)
 Having a puppy here this week has been quite an adventure.    Jeanne is more the puppy foster mom in our group.
 I have older dogs and some are grumpy with her.
 But, Beach Bit LOVED having her here!   (That's Evie and my Scooterbug.)  Beach Bit calls her "EE-Fee"-- too cute.
 Scooter would wander the yard with Evie.
 He has always been my "therapy dog" for new fosters.  He lets them know they are safe and that he will be their friend.
 Evie wandered the yard-- and ate border grass.  Yum.
 Beach Bit loved having her wander around with him.
 They became good friends!  He will sure miss her.
 We have dogs, and grandkids and swing sets, and slides---- and puppies.
 Puppies with noses!
 Kai Kai was very good with Evie----
 He was willing to share his chair.
 But, sometimes, Evie would just curl up in a little ball to go to sleep.   Puppies sleep a lot.
 Max grudingly  shared the ottoman.   Evie, even though she is only 7 pounds and 9 weeks old, could jump up on the stool to the ottoman.
 Evie helped clean dishes!    Scooter helped her.
 And she and Beach Bit took a nap together.
 They chatted and played....
 and rolled around.
 Evie nibbled on his hand....
 Beach Bit thought it was very funny.
 But, then Evie gave up and tried to fall asleep.
 She would curl up on the couch next to my husband-- who was a very good sport all week!
 She curled up on my lap.
 She went outside with Kai Kai and Beach Bit...
 And curled up in the kitchen while I cooked.
 Yes, we think you're cute, even if you aren't a Pekingese.
It will sure be quite here now once you leave.
 I am not sure that Kai Kai will miss you haha.
 But, I'll miss the little puppy who has been here for a week, takes naps next to me at the computer (on the ottoman I pulled up for her) and totally relaxes (below) while I work.   You are one sweet girl!
 I hope your new family loves you a lot!    Here are a few videos I did of Evie.

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - the "Bit" will miss her when she is adopted.