Saturday, January 11, 2014


A shelter asked us to help this "Pekingese"  -- she was in rough shape, and we agreed to take her.  
Once we got her, we realized she was a mix-- but oh, what a sweet girl she is.     Mulan is a small one at about 10-11 pounds.
She is being fostered with Tai, who was adopted from us.  Isn't he cute!
Tai decided he would share the chair with Mulan.  I'm sure there's room for both of you. :-)
Oh, good-- it's all mine!
Mulan has issues with her back legs and she does wobble a bit, but she is not in pain and she gets around fine.   She is very loving and sweet and would make a wonderful companion.   If you would be interested in this adorable girl, just let us know.  


lady jicky said...

She is so beautiful and I think she would make a great pet for someone who is older as Mulan is slow walking .

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Hope Mulan finds her forever home very soon, but it was so good seeing Tai again (as his former foster mom). :-)
Ted & Grace's mom