Saturday, January 11, 2014


These two dogs are in Chesapeake Animal Control in Chesapeake, VA.    It is a very nice shelter and they do work with rescue.   We are trying to help get them to rescue (I'm with Potomac Valley Pekingese Club-- a rescue group for Pekes).  Linda
 These two sweet pups were turned into the shelter near me.   Their owner has diabetes and can no longer care for them.    Their names are Mr. T. and Angel.
 Angel is a ten year old Japanese Chin and she is spayed, but she is terrified at the shelter.
 Mr. T. is a 13-14 year old Yorkie.    He is very sweet, and outgoing.    He has lost most of his hair, probably from being loaded with fleas (now gone).    He is under 4 pounds.
 He doesn't have teeth, but loves to eat and he needs to put on a little weight.    They haven't been to the vet for awhile, so they just need help.
 Mr. T. is adorable--
These two need rescue or someone who will help them in their final years.  If you can help, please send me an email at     This is a desperate call for help.


Madelyn Urso said...

I thought they were in Virginia? Exactly where are they I know their old I would love to take them till the end I'm 62 moving end of month but they are welcome to both come
In fl. Madelyn Urso

Madelyn Urso said...

Can you bring them to fl.

Madelyn Urso said...

Can you bring them to fl. I will take both in till the end.

Marilyn Schilkie said...

Where are they located???

Marilyn G said...

May we have the location please, the shelter and the contact number so we can help network for a rescue or adopter? Thanks! Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs Networking