Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 We picked up the little male Peke from the shelter near me.    He is SO sweet!
 He was severely matted, and has a skin infection from the lack of care.    He has to be uncomfortable, but grooming and meds will help.  
 I took my Kai Kai to the vet to meet this one.    My Scooterbug was my "therapy dog, introduction dog" but now that he's gone, I wanted to see if Kai Kai would take Scooter's job-- he didn't.   He just wanted to be close to me.
 I received so many name suggestions-- and they were all great!  But, his temporary foster mom said he wanted to be her chum, sit on her lap and wag his tail.   So, she wanted to name him Chumley!    I love it!
 He's been completely shaved down.    They were able to save some of his tail.
 He came to see me after his grooming.    He wagged his tail, came up for love.    He needs nasal fold surgery and a minor dental.  We think he's about 5-6 years old.   He weighs 14 pounds and has the nicest personality.
 He was neglected in his past, not physically cared for, but that's over!
Just look at this sweet face.    He's irresistible!  (My friend who was going to temporarily foster him said he couldn't stay, because if he stayed long, she wouldn't be able to let him go!)   Welcome to rescue, Chumley!! Here is a video, before his haircut, showing what a happy dog he is:    Click here: Chumley - YouTube


lady jicky said...

I love the name and he looks so nice and comfortable now he is shaved off!

Unknown said...

He is adorable! It won't take this little charmer long to find a fur ever home!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

He is darling! Well, we know you won't be choosing Starlight to try to fill Scooterbug's "shoes" as a welcomer! LOL My Ted is initially very friendly to new dogs, but esp. if it is a male, he doesn't want them to stay long. And Grace, my PVPC rescue, who you would think would want to "share the love", has NO kind feelings for fosters! She's a mess! LOL