Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Song Sun Sun aka Sonny, was in a Baltimore shelter.   I emailed a friend of  mine (who has adopted 3 from us) and told her about him.     (Here he was meeting some of the neighbors.)
She went right over to see him and he came home with her!  His owner had turned him in.   Why is it that people give up on their dogs when the dogs are older and need them more than ever??
His mom emailed me and said,  "The boy is delightful. He is very mellow, discovered sleeping on a chair this am. A first for pekes in our house. This is promising. He loves to be cuddled and wants company most of the time."
He bays like a beagle, but snorts like a Peke.  
Sonny is very sweet and since he is older, he does sleep a lot.  I imagine he is just catching up-- and getting used to a wonderful  new home.  He has limited sight, and raises his head to sniff around.   Dogs are amazing in how they compensate to the loss of one of their senses.  
He has a great appetite and enjoys being outside with the other dogs.   Pablo (formerly Chubs of the Bristol 18) lives there, too.   Pablo is in charge, but he's getting used to this little senior who has joined the family.   Sonny went to his mom's lake house and enjoyed his first kayak ride!  
He loves to be cuddled and I'm sure he knows the best part of his life has begun-- he has a forever family who won't give up on him and who will care for him and love him always.   It doesn't get better than that!!   Thank you to my friends for taking in this sweet Peke!


lady jicky said...

Oh .... he is lovely!!!

lady jicky said...

Puppies are lovely but .... an older dog has a lot of charm !!!

My two darlin's were older dogs when they came to us and ... I love it!!!
Sad to say ... they are so easy! :)

Toni Davis said...

He is such a cutie pie. He looks very healthy and doesn't really look like a senior:) What a great story!