Monday, September 15, 2014


 Lexie came to us in the spring.    She was such a sick Peke.
 She weighed 9 pounds-- and was just skin and bones. I had a hard time getting her to eat.
 She was so dehydrated and full of worms that her body was ready to shut down.   Her white count was up, her red count was dangerouly low and she had to have blood transfusions.
 But, with your help, we were able to give her the medical care she needed.    We thought the worms had caused all her issues, but the vet believes she has hemolytic anemia.
It took months to stabilize her and she is on auto-immune medications.   But, we got her stable enough to have a MUCH needed dental.   Her teeth were so infected that it went up into her sinus and nose.   For days after the dental, she drained out of her nose.   Oh, my, was that rough.   But, she was a trooper, letting me clean her up.
She just didn't feel good at all and I did all I could to help her to feel better.   Thank goodness for Acredale Animal Hospital, my vet in Virginia Beach.
She began to perk up after a few days.   Her latest blood work showed her red blood count was normal!   She is still on auto-immune meds, and prednisone but she is acting like she feels wonderful.
She brought a toy upstairs with her.  
She loves the little toys.
She is more alert--even inquisitive.
She watches me and stays wherever I am.
She has found a hidey-hole that no one else uses.
If I can't find her, I get down on my hands and knees, and there she is!
Her toy, her hiding spot and all is fine with the world.
Thank you to all who have supported and encouraged Lexie to fight for her life, to get strong and healthy.   She is doing so well.   I'll keep you updated on her progress.   She is a gentle, sweet little girl!  

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lady jicky said...

Poor Lexie she really has been so sick but with all your help she is looking so fine!!!!!