Saturday, September 13, 2014


 Scooby was turned into rescue after being shuffled through several homes.   He is a sweetheart, but...
 he obviously wasn't cared for.    He wasn't neutered, vaccinated and he is heartworm positive.    That could have been prevented by a monthly pill.   Why don't people give it?  
He has begun the menocycline, which is the first step of the heartworm treatment.  Then, after a month, he can have his first treatment, then wait a month for the second treatment.    He is a sweet boy-- housetrained, loves other dogs, 3 years old.    He's wonderful!    If you are interested in him, let us know.  He won't be available until his treatment is done and he is neutered, but you can let us know you're interested.   He would be worth the wait!

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lady jicky said...

Yep Linda .... just one pill.

He is lovely !!!