Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 Ricky and LJ are best friends.
 Ricky, the Peke, was one of my fosters in 2004.   He was about 18 months old, so he's going on 12 now.    LJ is just a young thing.
 LJ has a lot more energy than Ricky.
 LJ wanted someone who could run more...
 Ricky does great, but at almost 12, he just can't keep up.
 Then, my friend found that this little one year old named Clover needed a home.
 She's a little Shih Tzu-- her family bought her as a present for their child-- but the child wasn't interested.  Clover needed a new home.
 She joined the family last week and has been having a blast ever since!  She is only 10 pounds and acts like she's always been there.
 Ricky can play, or just watch, while the two young ones race around, having a blast.
 Clover can keep up with LJ and he is getting rid of a lot of energy now that he is playing with her.
Yes, they do play!     I'm so glad they all have each other now and that Ricky can be the big brother and watch.    Love you, Ricky!     My fosters always have a special place in my heart.

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are all so sweet together!!!!