Monday, September 29, 2014


 Do your dogs like to get under things, behind things, in tiny spaces?   Lexie loves to get under the ottoman.
 Starlight is usually under my desk if I'm working.  So is Kai Kai.
 Starlight also likes to get in little places-- like this child's desk cubby.  
 My friend's Pug, Uggie, thinks he is invisible.  
 Chris' Ollieman thinks he has found a great spot to hide-- but we see you!
 Peanutt Doodle is hiding under the deck after the snow.    What are you looking for?  
 Colby is under the covers while Pollyanna watches.  
 Freddie Leaf thinks he's in a great spot-- "betcha cantz find me!"    Oh, my all these little ones are adorable!
 Max thinks the spot between the dresser and the wall is a great spot-- Pekes like little spaces.
 Max is on top of his brother, Uggie, here-- are you playing hide and seek?    (Max was one of my sweet foster dogs!)
 This isn't a dog-- it's Lila, my friend Kristi's cat.    Yep, that is a good spot!
 Colby has wedged in under a stool-- he looks pretty squished to me!
 And there's Henry-- he IS hiding!
 And then, he let us see him.   Love it!
Lexie will continue to go under the ottoman.    She has found this is a spot that no other dog here has adopted-- so it is hers!   She also knows if she takes a toy under there, no one can get it.   Smart girl!!

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lady jicky said...

They are all so cute and funny.

Coco is "crated" for her bad back but..... when she is out of the crate drinking at the water bowl .... Moi Moi moves in the crate and hides !!!