Saturday, September 20, 2014


 Just wanted to give you an update on Gustopher "Gus" who went to his foster home on Thursday. His owner could no longer care for him, so Jean B. offered to give him a home.
 They made the trip up to Virginia Beach to meet me and the next day, Gustopher made the trip home.
 He is in foster care there, but I have no doubts about him leaving there-- I think he's there to stay!  He will have nasal fold surgery and a dental, but other than that, he is a healthy 10 year old.   I love the seniors-- I wish people would adopt them and give them years of love.   Those years may not be as many as a young pup, but they are full of love.
Gustopher has a new daddy, too.   He helped give Gustopher his eye drops that he needs until he has his surgery.   Just look at that smile!

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Sue said...

My heart is happy to see Gustopher in such a loving home environment. Bless those that give these seniors a second chance; that includes the rescuers, the fotsers and adopters! He looks very healthy and quite content!