Sunday, September 7, 2014


 Mollie came to us last autumn from a shelter in DC.  She had been turned in by her owner and she was absolutely terrified!  She could only go to a rescue.
 Amee fostered her and was up for the challenge!    Now, Mollie has a very best friend named Maddie.  She was adopted from us also.  (She was a court case dog, so scared and look how far she has come!)
 Now Maddie and Mollie just play!
 I see you hiding, Maddie!
 After a long day of play, Mollie takes a snooze.
 Sometimes, baths are needed after all that play.  Oh, humility and embarrassment!
 But, she is rewarded with a nice treat.
 And then she rests.   She is so loved now.   This is what rescue is about!

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely story ! I am so glad you helped Mollie - she looks so sweet and now - so happy!!!!