Monday, September 8, 2014


 This has been a really rough week-end in many ways.    My Scooterbug (in his area on the right) has not done well.   His liver counts are going up quickly, he is anemic, and his white count is high.    He has gone downhill for the last year, but it is escalating.    I'm trying to get him to eat, but he's not doing well.    Lexie is keeping an eye on him from her "dining room."    Her liver biopsy showed that the high liver count was a medication reaction, so hopefully she will do better as time goes on.    My vet (love my vet) came over yesterday (Sunday!) to check on her and remove some staples that had come loose.    She is happy, eating well, and her infection in her teeth/sinus is improving quickly.  I feel I'm running a hospital ward!
 But, my grandbits were here this week-end for Beach Bit's 4th birthday, so that was wonderful!  Lil Bit, above, ran her first cross country race!  
Bitty Bit and Drill Bit were just happy Bits-- I love them all so much!   They brighten my days-- and they sure helped this week-end.  

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lady jicky said...

I am so sorry to read you have had a terrible weekend with the Peke's but ..... thank goodness the Bits came!
Your "Bits" are so pretty Linda!!!

Oh - Happy Birthday .