Wednesday, September 3, 2014


 Lexie had bloodwork yesterday to see if she can have surgery today.   I'll update you as soon as I know.   (I'm writing this on Tuesday night and waiting for a call.)
 We were all outside, and acorns are falling.   A lot.  I feel I need a crash helmet out there.
 Lexie was trying to find some.
 "Are you taking my picture?"   Yes, I am you sweet thing!
 She kept checking the steps-- were more acorns landing there?
 Two weeks ago, Lexie's red blood count was great, but her liver count was not good due to a medication she was on.  We weaned her off the medication over a 2 week period.   (I found out a friend's Peke had the same problem.)  I hope the bloodwork shows she can have a MUCH needed dental.   Some of her teeth are being held in by the tartar and are just nasty.   I don't want infection to get into her body, but she has to be healthy enough to be under anesthesia.  
 Max wants his buddy to be safe.  
 Rammi says, "We're rooting for you, Lexie!"
 Koko is just busy looking for more acorns.
We all love you, Lexie.   You have so many who are following your progress and have cared for you by messages and emails.   I'll let everyone know how she does!

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