Saturday, August 1, 2015


 Chumley came from a shelter near me last fall.  
 In spite of his awful skin and hair, he was the happiest dog.
 He looked like a "junk yard" dog-- but he loved everyone.   My friend offered to foster him and then said I had to.   She said if he stayed there more than a few days, she would not be able to let him go.
 So, Chumley moved in here.   He loves the grandbits.   He is such a happy boy, and his tail is always wagging-- always!
 His favorite toy is never far from him, although he will occasionally play with a rope toy.  He thinks if I am blowing my hair dry or putting on my make up, I should toss his toy.   Over and over and over...
 When Sugar Bit was born, Chumley had to meet her.   One of my grandbits fell in love with Chumley-- to the point where I felt guilty not adopting him.   So we did.
 We should have named him Happy-- because that fits.  He is so good and lets the grandkids do a lot with him--   Click here: Chumley in the Wagon - YouTube
He just had a spa day and had a trim.    When I went to drop him off, he rolled over so they could give him a tummy rub.   He entertained everyone in the vet's waiting room.   Chumley is an older boy, probably about 11, but he has a lot of energy and love.  He's part of the family!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda .... I would pinch Mr Chumley off you if I lived around you! LOL

Loved the video!!!!!