Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I received an email asking for help with a young Pekingese.
They said she was small, and young.   Due to health problems of the owner, it was difficult to give her everything she needed.
I met them and her owners were so nice.   They had taken wonderful care of Madeline Grace, but felt she needed a home where there was more time and energy for her.   This was a legitimate case of reaching out for help-- and this dog was in good shape.
Madeline was timid at first, but she followed me everywhere.   She jumped up on the toddler bed.
She went to the vet and sat on my purse.
"Why am I here?"   Don't worry, little one.  We're just making sure everything has been done.
She met my gang, and was little intimidated, but...
Then, she was just one of the crew.
Max was wondering who the new girl was.   He's so used to dogs coming and going that he doesn't pay much attention.
Madeline Grace obviously loved her daddy, because she hopped right up on Matt's lap.  That's Starlight sitting there, too-- these two look a lot alike!
And then, she found another toy.
It's small enough to carry around.  (She looks a LOT like Starlight.)
She is eating well.   She is very sweet, young, playful, and tiny.   Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog and see who she met!

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lady jicky said...

Ok Linda .... you have to keep her! If not .... does she have a passport???

So sweet!