Monday, August 31, 2015


 Gus came into rescue almost 2 years ago.  He was in horrendous shape-- thin, flea-ridden, full of worms, skin a mess-- but oh, so sweet.
 Jeanne  was his foster mom and with her care and love, Gus thrived.  
 He was adopted to a friend in New York City.  Some may say, "Why New York?"   Sometimes, we know people and they have been with PVPC while in Virginia and we are thrilled they want to adopt.   (And sometimes, we just love an application and we allow our fosters to move a little further away.   My Abner moved to the perfect home in NY-- and what a life he has now!)
 Gus has become friends with other Pekes (and some are PVPC alumni).   Gus and Willy Wonton posed for pictures at the picnic.  Willy is one of Gus' buddies.
 Gus is so loved in New York that his friends made him an anniversary cake!  WOW, I wish I could have gone to his party.   That cake looks delicious!
Other friends also  made him a cake.   WOW!   Gus sure is loved up there!!  Happy Anniversary Gus!!

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lady jicky said...

Oh my ..... New York !!! Lucky gus ... Coco and I would love to live in New York!

"Start spreeding the news ... I leaving today ... I want to be apart of it ... New York , New York !!!!!! "