Tuesday, August 18, 2015


 My daughter has been off since she had Sugar Bit-- but she is a college professor and has to return to work.   So, two Bits will be here all week and then 3 days a week beginning next week.
 Starlight loves the grandbits.   But, she likes to get in her hidey holes also.  Quieter there-- she thinks she is hidden, but we can see her.
 Come on out girl-- you know you want to see them.
 Starlight has her own bouncy seat-- and it was moved next to Sugar Bit's seat.
 Starlight is very happy about that!
 She has tried to get into the seat with Sugar Bit-- so a second seat is an absolute necessity.
Yes, she's still there, Starlight.   You're going to see more of her now-- and what an adventure it will be.   Beach Bit will be here, too-- so I'm going to be very BUSY!!  If you call or email me, it may take some time to get back to you.


lady jicky said...

I just love those photos of these two in their own chairs! So Cute!!!

Oh boy you have a lot of work Linda but try to take a rest - when you can!
Maybe get another one of those chairs and make it three in a row! LOL

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I'm with lady jicky - do they make those bouncy seats for little boys? And grandmas?? :D