Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This is Chloe, my sister's dog.  They live next door to me, and my dogs love to "chat" with Chloe at the fence.   My Max really enjoyed finding that she was in her back yard and he would become totally obnoxious as he let her know he was there, too.  (We share a fence.)
 Last week, Chloe was just fine.  
 She had adventures at the bay and went on walks.   She was ten years old, not old for a mix.
 Saturday morning, there was obviously something wrong with her.   She was not eating or acting normal.  So, to the vet.    They did bloodwork and kept her for the week-end, with IV fluids and meds.  
 My sister went to check on her Monday and the news was not good.   Chloe was in acute liver failure.   This can happen very quickly in some dogs and there was really not much that could be done.  
 They brought her home so everyone could see her one more time.   They took her on one more walk-- something she loved to do.
It was a short walk, but it helped them all.   Chloe was in such serious condition, that she would not have lasted long, so they were not going to let her suffer.   I'll miss her being next door, encouraging me as I mow the yard.   I'll miss her showing up at my front door to tell me she had escaped from her yard.   She would also come to my fence gate, letting me know I needed to walk across the yard to let her back in.   She would come to the fence to talk to my dogs.   Max will miss his buddy, his "chatting friend"-- We will all miss her.  Run free now, sweet Chloe.  You were loved so much.

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda ... this is so sad ... the last walk.
Steve did that for Moi Moi too.
I feel their pain and please give them love from Australia .