Saturday, August 29, 2015


August 26 was National Dog Day-- and a lot of people posted pictures of their wonderful dogs.  So, I am just going to share the pictures with little commentary.   Enjoy!!  Benny and Pixie are both adopted from us.
Everyone knows my Starlight.
My Chumley-- just hanging out.
My heart dog-- Kai Kai.
Peanut came for a visit!  
 Whoops!   That's not a Peke! ;-)
My Max is an old boy now.  He can be a bit grumpy, but he is so loyal.
Schmoo is so cute-- he's one of our PVPC alumni.
Margie's gang-- hanging out at the door, guarding the neighborhood.
My incredible vet tech's Barach-- she rescued him and has done amazing things!  
Sophie-- PVPC alumni!    So loved now!
Nicky, Lexie and Paddy--happy crew!
My first foster, Cosmo, with his brother Winston.  They get to the beach more than I do!
Fia's crew celebrating the day.
Freddie-- so many of us adore him!
Barbara's sleepy one-- looks so comfortable!
Irish's sweet duo.   Love the eyes!
Moe and Elwood-- Elwood was one of my foster dogs-- so cute!
Camden and Elwood.   Both PVPC alumni.
Sugar-- have you been shopping?
Jules and Pearl-- more PVPC alumni!!
Princeton and Clarence-- PVPC alumni.   We have so many that have been helped and found their forever homes because of so many in our rescue group-- what would we do without all the volunteers, foster homes, loving adopters!
Max, one of my adopted Pekes- and his buddy Ug-Lee.
Hope you had a wonderful National Dog Day!  

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lady jicky said...

Coco and I are exhausted! .... we had the kids overnight and they have just gone!

So ... Coco did not enjoy her National Dog Day as Coco is a very timid Peke and my two grandkids are "full on" ..... we only got one growl so she was so good but hid under the table all the time :(
Coco is in her bed now asleep .... I think I need a Nana Nap too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!