Monday, August 24, 2015


 Madeline Grace fit right into our home while she was here.   She has the sweetest personality and is so tiny-- just over 9 pounds!  But, those 9 pounds could leap onto a bed or couch or chair with ease.  
 She could also leap into the bouncy seat with Sugar Bit.  
 A few days ago, Yodi arrived at my house.   He sat by my Max at the door baby-gate.   It's a free-stand gate that prevents dogs from escaping out the front door when company arrives.   Yodi was so funny as he rested his face between the slats and sighed. :-)  
 We went on a home visit and Yodi decided that Beach Bit's cat seat fit him perfectly.
 Yes, he was happy there!  Maybe I should get more of those car seats for my dogs!
 We went to Micky's new home.  Micky was just adopted a few weeks ago and he really needed a friend.   He was trying to get the resident cat to play, but she just was not interested.
 So, Madeline and Yodi went to visit Micky.
 Micky checked her out-- Yodi was exploring the yard and having a great time.   I felt like Madeline would be adopted, but wanted to make sure Yodi had a chance to see if it was a fit for him, too.    I also saw that he is such a sweet, laid back Peke and he could fit in anywhere!  (I have several applications for him.)
It was sure quiet at my house after I got home.    We will miss Madeline Grace giving little kisses to Sugar Bit, but she has already been giving kisses to her new mom and dad.   It's really hard to let go of a foster dog-- but in rescue, that's what we do.   Love them, and let them go to a wonderful home.   We love you, Madeline!   Have fun in your new home!!

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lady jicky said...

I am so happy for Madeline .... she is a beautiful dog!

I am sure Yoda will be adopted real soon too Linda .... he is so cute!

Doing my Adoption Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!