Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 Tina came into rescue in June.   She was in terrible condition.
 We don't know if it was fleas, or just lack or care, but her skin was horrendous--flaky, red, infected.
In spite of her condition, she was adorable.  Her personality was so sweet!!

 She had obviously been in this condition a long time.
 She went to her foster home and brought energy and enthusiasm with her.  She also learned to collect toys!    She began to feel better and was ready for each day.  She wanted her siblings to run and play with her.
She has 11 year old Maggie and 10 year old Teddy tearing thru the house, around, over, under furniture and out into the backyard in dizzying speed.    (And then she takes a nap!)
 The hair on her face and body has been growing in-- and she has turned into a beauty!   I can't believe how stunning she is looking.   I just remember the sad dog that came from the shelter.
 She has a lot of friends in her new home.   Beau, the brown one, Maggie, in the middle and part of Domino on the bottom.   They are all older, but they love Tina!
 And her best buddy is Tori, the Doberman!  The smallest loves the biggest.
 Oh, there's another toy to add to her collection!     Tina has thrived in her foster home.  And the best is.....
She is not leaving!   They are going to adopt her and she'll have a forever home now where she will be loved the rest of her life.   What a Cinderella story for sweet Tina!

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lady jicky said...

As I always say .... there is nothing , but nothing like a black peke!!!

I am just so happy for Tina and her new "for ever" family !!!