Friday, August 14, 2015


 Jelly came to us in rescue in 2010-- you can see the unsureness in his eyes.    He was timid and afraid of things and people.   I don't know what he had been through, but it deeply affected him.
 He took time, but gradually decided other dogs were fun.    He began to learn to trust people.   He had a bad experience but time was a healer and he began to do better and better.
 Now, he goes for walks with his brother, Cheech.   And they have new areas to walk!  They just moved to Florida!  
 I think he likes it!   See that smile!
 He got a Florida haircut because the humidity down there is pretty high.   So is the temperature. I used to live in Florida and, wow, can it get hot!
Jelly is  doing great and I know his mom will continue to update me on his life there.   Jelly is one of our rescues who went from terribly afraid to very loving.   We love you, Jelly!!

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely guy Jelly is! I am so glad he became more "game" and will have a walk and trust people and dogs now !

I have to say ...... I love the lawn! So lush!!!