Sunday, August 9, 2015


 Max and his sister, Maggie, came to me in October of 2008.   They were abandoned in a field and "someone" called animal control to let them know they were there.   They were fairly young dogs.
 Look at those smiles-- Max had one eye, but it did not get in his way a bit.
 They had microchips and the shelter contacted the owners-- they did not respond.  
 Once I had them, I began detective work and found the vet they had used and was able to get records on them.    (Oh, the things we do!)
 Maggie was adopted after ten months, but no one applied for Max.   He was a happy boy, always had a tennis ball, and we decided he could stay with us.
 Max is getting more and more gray, but he still plays, and carries his tennis balls around.
 He's a good sport and let me dress him up for New Year's several years ago.
 He loves to be on the couch and he sleeps with us on the bed.   He did not do this for the first 5 years we had him, but then he realized everyone was up there, and he's been on the bed every since.
 He's a pretty, regal looking dog.   He is very devoted to me.   He is the only dog I have, or have had, who barks at dogs on the TV.   The TV can be on mute, and Max can be across the room-- but he comes to attention if he sees a dog, even a cartoon dog, on the TV.   He will run to the TV and bark at it.   It's why I never watch movies with dogs in them.   The noise from Max would be too much. :-)
He is 12 years old today!   Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday to my Yankee Boyfriend !
Lots of love from your Aussie Peke Girlfriend Coco .... Oh, and Melinda too!

Hey .... that One Eye sure see's things, especially on TV !
Don't let him watch QVC TV Linda .... unless he is buying for his Aussie girlfriends!!!! LOL

Kisses to Max :)

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Max!! And here's to many more!!