Wednesday, November 4, 2015


 Albert came to us from a Maryland shelter.    He was found in the road by someone and she contacted the shelter to come get him.    He was very matted, and thought to be partially blind and deaf.    It's amazing he was not hit.
 Paige picked him up for us and she and Danni decided that he looked like.....
 Albert Einstein!    Can you see the resemblance?
 His ears were very touchy.    They hurt!
 He has a big lump near his upper front leg.
 But, look at that face!   Could you resist helping him?
 He was transported to Jeanne in Richmond and he had surgery to remove the lump, clean out the ear (which was really really bad) and a dental.   He only lost 4 teeth-- not bad!    He's on medications now for his ears and is healing.   He sees better than we thought-- yahoo!!   He weighs about 13 pounds.
 He's ten or eleven, and will heal with his new foster mom in N. Va.  He's done a lot of traveling.   A new life sometimes requires that.
He's now with his foster mom and she adores him already.    We'll keep you updated on his progress!   He is one sweet dog.


lady jicky said...

Oooooo he is just so sweet and what a shocking past he has had Linda :(

If only I lived in the USA .... he would be Mine!!!! ALL MINE !!!

Come on everyone .... the OLDIES AND THE BESTIES !!!!!
I am doing the Oldies Adoption Dance --- its a bit slow but .... oh so sexy!!! LOL

Paige said...

So happy that PVPR is willing and able to help the seniors.