Friday, November 20, 2015


 Koko came into rescue last year-- she was my foster here,  She is stunningly beautiful.
 She was a small one, about 12 pounds.   A lady near me-- who is now my friend-- saw her picture and fell in LOVE!   Koko went to her new home just over a year ago.
 Koko let it be known that she intended to be the boss there.   Typical Peke haha.
 Here she is with her new buddy, Nunzio.
Koko was diagnosed with IMHA, the same disease that Lexie had.   It is devastating!   Her owners are doing all they can for her, but this is an expensive disease to treat.  They would like to do the ultrasound that has been suggested, but it costs $150.   Since Koko is no longer one of our foster dogs, we cannot cover this, but if you would like to make a donation for her, you can send one in through paypal with her name on it, or message me and I can contact you about it.   You can also call Acredale Animal Hospital and make a donation for Koko Hitchcock.   The phone number is:  757-523-6100.    Thank you for any help you can give this precious dog.   I love you, Koko!

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Kam Hitchcock said...

You are all wonderful people. I appreciate your kind thoughts and deeds. Koko' Mom Kam