Thursday, November 12, 2015


 Joyful Grace was able to go to her foster home yesterday.  She was in the vet for 2 days for IV fluids and more tests.  
 She wears her sweater all the time since she has no hair.   I found some small doggy shirts and a pink sweater and 2 dog coats in my collection that might fit her.   And one of my friends took her Harley Marie to the store to buy some things for Joyful.   This little one is going to have a wardrobe!
 Joyful was tested for Addison's, but does not have it!   Yippee.   She does have some blood levels that are off, so she will be on a special diet and meds to help her heal.
 I don't know that this little girl has ever been cared for.   She will now need time to heal and we can give her that along with a lot of love and good food.
 My cell phone is being replaced soon, so there should be better pictures later.    But, Joyful enjoyed snuggle time when I visited her in the morning.   The vet also gave her a bath (first in how long??) so her skin will feel so much better.
 Joyful ate well in the vet and I'm sure she probably had some Chick-fil-a-- my vet is known for going to get grilled chicken for my special fosters who are staying there.  (The Chick-fil-a is right next door, so they have a built in "audience" from the vet!)  LOVE my vet!!  (Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach)
Sherry has her at home now and the healing journey is on its way.
 She has a soft blanket and bed and can rest all she needs.   You can see her black ear-- this is long term hair loss from the fleas she had.   Hopefully, time will take care of this.
 As her body gets stronger, she will be able to stand up more and walk with more ease.   I've had fosters who had so much trouble moving around, but with good nutrition and taking little walks every few hours (and good medication with glucosamine in it), it was remarkable to see how much better they became.  I hope this for Joyful.
 Just think how wonderful her holidays will be this year-- a big reason to celebrate!   We love you, Joyful Grace!


Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Been following her progress and am SOO glad that she is getting better!!!

nana said...

Praises for answered prayers and what peace comes knowing she is loved......truly loved.