Wednesday, November 11, 2015


 Sophie has been in her new home since July.   She came to me as a special needs dog and I was told she was old.   Nope, she is not old, but she is blind.   One of her eyes never formed well and the other may have never had vision.   So, she is used to not having sight.
And it doesn't bother her a bit!   She loves her new home and the first time she went there, she checked everything out to see the "lay of the land."
This was taken when I first got her--
But, now she is fluffy and looks so much better.    I see some bows in her hair.
Her mom said if you want to see an angel,  just look at Sophie.   She is a sweetheart and I'm so thrilled she has such a wonderful home!   When her mom comes home, Sophie just dances.   She knows she hit the lottery when she was adopted by her mom.  

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