Monday, November 2, 2015


 Desi is still resting after the Halloween week-end.   She must be resting-- she doesn't even have an outfit on!  Maybe it's early in the morning.
 Is that a little apron?
 Is Onslow sharing secrets with you?   His tongue cracks me up.
 Little Floyd is just adorable.  He is at my house now and so sweet.  
 He looks a little confused, but he's fine.  He follows me everywhere.   I make sure I don't get too far away from him.    He is available for adoption-- to a special home who understands his special needs.    He is deaf, has partial sight and a big heart murmur.   He doesn't have good hips, but wow, he can go up and down my porch steps.   We take "walk-abouts" every hour or so and he loves to explore the back yard.    When a dog has bad hips or arthritis, it's so important to keep them moving.   It helps keep those joints in good shape.   As it gets colder, I have a selection of coats, so we'll see which ones fits him the best.
 Gunther found a left-over hay pile.   Was that part of a photo shoot?    Gunther is one of our older Pekes and when Lucinda met him, it was all over!  He wasn't going anywhere.
Sampson is still healing, but we hope he can come to my area soon.  He has a foster mom here who would love to have him!  


lady jicky said...

Desi in a apron!!!!! Linda - you are crazy!
That girl has servants ..... can you imagine all the work her Wardrobe Mistress must do ????

Little Floyd is a sweetie and although he does have some issues he would make a lovely pet for someone older - he just wants a tiny walk and to be loved :)

Anonymous said...

This story is a Grade A way to start a Monday morning. Little Desi is a pink cowgirl hat and outfit is so sweet. Until we adopted from a rescue group, I had no clue just how hard the people worked to successfully put together an adoption and the foster parents who are challenged every time a new baby comes in and many times steals their hearts away.

Thank all of you.