Friday, November 13, 2015


 When you have babies (or grandbabies/grandbits), and you have dogs, a lot of things can be used for both.    Sugar Bit has taken possession of Lexie's blanket that Jackie made.  I know Lexie would approve.   It's a beautiful, very soft blanket, perfect for dogs and babies alike.  
 I have wooden playpens and they been used more for dogs than babies.   Starlight spent 7 weeks in one when she was recovering from a back injury, and many of the foster dogs used them (I have three of them) for their night time resting place.   It kept them in our room, but kept un-housetrained ones from having accidents.
 Bouncy seats are used a lot here.    Starlight had to have her own when Beach Bit was little and now that Sugar Bit is here, Starlight has been using both of them.    They will probably be shared with others who have babies now that we won't be using them for Sugar Bit anymore.   (She is now almost 7 months old!)
 I use dog beds for kids sometimes.   I know, I know-- really??   But, when I take laundry from the washer to the dryer, a dog bed is perfect to set Sugar Bit in.  Once she is crawling, all bets are off!   Beach Bit was keeping her comfortable-- this is a big dog bed!
 Yes, another dog bed-- they are all over and they do get washed often.   It's a soft place to be.
 Sometimes, the dogs use them, too-- Starlight crawled under one and inside the other-- was she trying to hide from the chaos of Camp Runamuck?
 No, she saw her baby (oh, she loves her babies) and ran over to kiss her.  And yes, Sugar Bit was on a big soft comfy dog bed!
 The pink bed is a favorite-- so soft!  
 Starlight said sharing is fair, so she climbed under the jumperoo-- of course, I had put a dog bed in the tray and it was perfect for Starlight.   It's soft on Sugar Bit's feet, too.
 Starlight takes over a lot of Sugar Bit's things.
And just one more-- can you use a dog gate for anything else?  Yes!   Hang Sugar Bit's bibs on it.   It's a perfect drying place.    

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