Wednesday, November 18, 2015


 Mazie came into rescue in 2012.  She came from a shelter in Maryland.
 Neighbors had reported Mazie's owners for abusing her and took Mazie to the ER.   She ended up in a shelter and we took her into rescue.   Needless to say, she had some emotional and trust issues.
 Mazie's foster mom kept her and has continued working with Mazie to help her know how loved she is.   Mazie is grinning here, so that work is producing great results.
 Mazie is now 9 years old and here she is sitting on her mom's lap-- she has come a long way!  Mazie has had a few bouts with mamory cancer, but her mom has her checked regularly to insure she is doing okay.  
 Mazie is well known in her neighborhood and a neighbor has begun setting up a garden of perennials and has named it Mazie's Garden.
 Mazie can still be skittish about being handled-- she knows she is loved, but her past life still has an effect on her at times.   Many dogs who come into rescue deal with these issues, and that's why we are so careful in placing them in great homes.
Mazie has a wonderful home and wonderful parents.   One of her favorite parts of the day is when her dad comes home-- here she is waiting for him.    This shows how far she has come that she is waiting so patiently for someone she loves.   It warms my heart that she was brought from abuse to love-- life is good.

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before but it bears repeating, the level of love and care that your rescue group and the fosters pour into each individual case of a rescue is awesome.

Without the "hands on" care given by all of you there would be so many Fur Babies who did not get to enjoy some happy days before they pass across the Rainbow Bridge.

And of course it takes dollars to do the miracles which is where the rest of us come into the game.

All of us together makes it worthwhile.