Monday, November 30, 2015


 Can you believe December is just a day away??   Me either!
 That means it is time to decorate (some of you have already finished, I'm in process), and take wonderful Christmas Peke pictures.  Here is my Max.
 Pi was a good sport with her reindeer antlers on.   She is about 14 now, and such a great dog!  (She's my granddog.)
 Christmas flags will hang outside.
 Desi is ready to put up her autumn outfits.
 They are stunning just like she is, but...
 It's time to put them away.
Desi is ready to bring out the Christmas and holiday outfits.   Onslow is a good sport and so sweet, but Desi is really into it!    Share your pictures with me, because you know I LOVE doing Christmas blogs throughout December.   Send the pictures on!   (post on facebook, or in a message, or send them to me at   (I only download if I know you, so better to tag me on facebook with them.)   Christmas is coming!!

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lady jicky said...

I know Desi is always ready to pose but poor Pi .... LOL !