Monday, November 23, 2015


 Starlight says last week was too stressful.  Sugar Bit had a health crises, and Starlight was so concerned about her.   (Sugar Bit is my 6 month old granddaughter.)
 Kai Kai was praying everything would turn out fine.
 My daughter who is several hours away, came down with two of her Bits to visit and see Sugar Bit.
 Beach Bit was so glad they came!  He loves to play with his cousins.
 They brought their Chocolate Lab puppy, Gigi.    She is staying with us over Thanksgiving, along with her Shepherd/Lab sister, Pi.
 Chumley was ready for the Bits-- he loves them.  More people to throw his ball!!
 Sugar Bit seems to be doing better--
 Nothing takes her smiles away.   She is the happiest, most joyful baby I've ever been around.
 Pi can help watch her while Pi is here.  Pi is almost 14, and the best dog ever-- and that is coming from a long time Pekingese lover.   Pi is like a big, protective, calm, loving Nanny.  We all adore this special girl.
 Starlight, as usual, found a place under the table where she can't be stepped on or bothered.   
  Bitty Bit ate the baked pancakes Poppy (my husband, Matt) made for everyone for breakfast.   These are a long time family favorite.   They are easy to make!  
 The boys loved theirs!   Of course, there were shenanigans going on, too.
 You can see the mischief in their faces!
Sugar Bit is too young for pancakes, so she just grinned while we ate.

 Playtime between cousins-- I love watching them. 
Max is just finding a quiet place to chill out.   He is 12 now and he's always like his calm spots-- The craziness of Camp Runamuck can make several want to run for the hills-- but for  the most part, it is just loads of fun.   And Sugar Bit is doing better, we are watching her carefully and loving on her.   Thank you to everyone who prayed for her!

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lady jicky said...

Sugar Bit had many, many "bits" and Pekes and "Must Love Peke's" fans praying and being on her side...... and that is one hell of "Super Sugar Energy" helping you!
Go Sugar Bit!!!!!!

Love the Aussies !!!!