Friday, November 6, 2015


I received some more pictures of our Halloween doggies.   I had to share!   This is Gus and he lives in New York City!    He's keeping everyone in line.
My former foster dog, Piper, sent me sent picture.   He was a great foster boy!    We consider keeping everyone that goes through-- but then, we couldn't help more.   We just get to love many Pekes.
Sybil sported a cowgirl hat.    Did you have fun?
Monk, Nippy and Polly (in front) had a wonderful time.   They were all foster failures-- most of us have at LEAST one of those. :-)  (I have four!)
Kim sent me a picture of her boys-- all three of them!    Princeton and Clarence are great dogs!   Dave is nice, too. :-)
Brody, Abner and Lily were ready for the day!    Abner was my foster puppy who went through so much eye surgery.    He now is a therapy dog who visits hospitals and airports-- his family is amazing with all the work they do to help people!
 EmmaCarole is Bella Ann's sister.   They are great buddies!
Bella Ann was ready for Halloween-- she is precious.   Of course, I think they all are.    More holidays are coming, so don't forget to send me holidays pictures.   You know I love doing those throughout the month of December!


lady jicky said...

They are all so sweet in their costumes !

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Oh handsome Gus! He looks great. Serving and protecting in New York City has to keep Gus busy. Love his costume.