Saturday, January 22, 2011


This little guy came into my life last fall. He's my fourth grandchild, my second grandson. He was early, and small.
And look at him now! He's four months old and he comes to my house every day while his parents work. So, Beach Bit is around Pekes a lot. This got me to thinking. In rescue, we are very careful when we adopt a Peke to a family with young children. A lot of Pekes don't want small kids around-- pulling their ears, taking their toys, getting into their food and water dishes. Beach Bit can't do those things yet, but I wanted to share some pictures of Pekes and kids.
I'm sure Beach Bit would want me to share this, too. Hats can be so funny on babies!
And they look so debonair in them. (I know you're indulging me when I post pictures of my grandkids!)
Yes, we see that sly look there. :-)
Max said, "A baby? Really? We keep getting more dogs, but now we're getting a baby every day?"
Cranberry was okay with it as long as it didn't affect her world-- or her ottoman.
Coco Puff (not her best picture) is great with the baby. She really likes it when she can roll all around him,using him as a buffer pad.
Starlight loves using his bouncey chair-- I think it's now HER bouncey chair. Possession is 9 points of the law, and she possesses this chair.
Starlight and Scooter sometimes head to the stairs or second story-- it's quiet up there.
Cranberry wanted a closer look at Beach Bit. He smelled funny.
Let me get a closer sniff.
Beesey Bit was thrilled with Max and Scooter-- and they were mesmerized with her.
Starlight is the BEST around babies. She just adores them.
Of course, Starlight adores Beach Bit-- kisses his feet, his face.....
And if I'm holding Beach Bit on the couch, she has to be up there, close by in case he needs her.
Drill Bit loved the puppies at Jeanne's house.......
And they loved him.
Maximus was great with Drill Bit when he was first in rescue.
Starlight loved Drill Bit, too, when he was a baby-- he's a year old now!
And this is Asher and his dog, Lola. Asher is the one who has the white knuckled grip on Lola. They live in Swaziland, South Africa. I think dogs and their feelings toward babies is universal. My friend writes......" They kept poor Lola away from Asher because they were fearful of her temperamental attitude. Lola who has little use for most humans obviously feels differently about Asher, once she insisted on taking up the nanny post!" So, can dogs and babies be good together. Of course! And as long as owners/parents are good supervisors, all will be safe. :-)


lady jicky said...

Totally lovely post with all your Grandkids and peke's!!!!

emilyp said...

Great pics Linda:)

Tracey said...

Love the pictures of the Pekes and your grandbabies!!! Adorable all of them!