Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sallie, a member of our Peke club, send me an email about the Peke. I'm not sure where she got it, so I cannot credit the site. But, if I find out, I will! I included the pictures she sent. Enjoy!! (Sallie just sent me the site. Here is it! Click here: Chindara Pekingese and Pugs - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
"The breed originated in China in antiquity, in the city of Peking, most likely from Asian wolves. Recent DNA analysis confirms that the Pekingese breed is one of the oldest breeds of dog, one of the least genetically diverged from the wolf. They became the special pets of the Chinese Emperors, and these likenesses were found in art of all kinds - screens, vases, pottery, and sculpture."
These dogs are also called Dogs of Foo (or Fu) by the Chinese, and how much they are revered can be seen in the number of Chinese artworks depicting them.In 1860, when Allied troops occupied Peking, five dogs were found in a secluded corner of the Summer Palace beside their attendants, who had committed suicide rather than be captured. Admiral Lord John Hay and another naval officer each took two. The fifth was taken by General Dunne, who later presented her to Queen Victoria, who christened her "Looty".
Looty's portrait by a distinguished painter still hangs in Windsor Castle. The two little Pekes who found their home with the Duchess of Richmond were given the prefix "Goodwood" and were the foundation of the breed in England.Looty, the first Pekingese dog in Britain, brought by Captain Dunne, 99th Regiment, from Yuanming Yuan, the Summer Palace near Beijing, as a gift for Queen Victoria in April 1861, is photographed having a rest on a chair. The Royal Collection © 2009, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Alexandra (left) pictured in a carriage with one of her favourite dogs, 1910. The Royal Collection © 2007 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II." I love these old photos of Pekingese. The last one looks like a darker version of my Starlight. Beautiful!!


lady jicky said...

I have read that Queen Victoria was not fond of Looty - Pekingese did not appeal to her and Looty was kept in her Royal kennel with all the other dogs and was never visited by her Maj!
I think her favourite dog was called "Sharp" a Border Collie.
If I was a "lady in waiting"I would be lugging Looty around! LOL

Tracey said...

I love this history and the pictures! My Peke's certainly think they are royalty! hahaha.... and are spoiled like Kings and Queens!

cby said...

I prefer the version that Looty with his "oriental ways" was miserable at Windsor. The Princess of Wales took pity on Looty and moved him to Sandringham at Christmas to be with her. There Looty found his forever home. The Princess soon to be Queen Alexandra in 1901 must have understood an loved Pekes. Looty lived happily ever after.

emilyp said...

That was a great post! It was neat to see those pics:)

I like that Looty was taken to a great fur-ever home:) Queen Victoria was pretty miserable by then anyway..Looty probably was not happy with her;)

lady jicky said...

I never knew that cby!

So glad to hear Looty got to a friendly home!!!!

Meghann said...

"recent DNA analysis confirms that the Pekingese breed is one of the oldest breeds of dog, one of the least genetically diverged from the wolf."
did those scientists LOOK at the pekingese? lol

I do absolutely love my two pekes, but that cracks me up!