Monday, January 3, 2011


Essie made this for us! I love it:

Last week, it snowed again. It rained yesterday, so it is gone, but I had to share some pictures with you. This is Dasher, and here how the yard looked when he came ten days ago-- no snow! (Okay, some grass missing,
too, that happens in the winter.)
And then, the snow came. Not just a little snow, but 15 inches of snow! The tree limbs were bent over, some snapped. The fences were coated with snow. That's the little creek behind me-- you can hardly see it.
There's Dasher. It's easy to see a black dog in the snow.
And here is the front of my house. You can't see the sideswalks or driveway.
Here's one of my front porches (why does my house have two front doors-- it's a mystery.) You don't see anyone on that swing!
Look at the length of the icycles. The ones in the back yard had to keep being knocked off-- they were like spears! And I didn't want to spear a Pekingese.
It was hard to see any place to walk, but the dogs found some spots.
Click here: YouTube - Scootersnow1
And they had some fun out there:
Click here: YouTube - Scootersnow2

Click here: YouTube - ScooterStarlightDasherSnow
And then they came in to get warm. And Cranberry took Max's spot on the ottoman. And if she's up there, NOBODY bothers her!
And Starlight got in Beach Bit's chair- if he's not in it, she is. Once he outgrows it, I'll have to leave it out for her. She loves it!
And Coco Puff is thinking of going upstairs to her bed there. She also HATES the flash of the camera. If she HEARS me turn the camera on, she's out of there!
Max and Dasher got on the ottoman once Cranberry left it. Then they could see the snow without being cold-- although the cold didn't seem to bother them a bit. So glad I have wood floors-- easy to mop them up.
Later, Starlight moved to the stairs with Scooterbug. It seemed a good time for buddy time. And being warm. And being out of the snow. Make room for me!


lady jicky said...

Oh I can tell you why your house has TWO doors!!

One for you lot ----


emilyp said...

Love the pictures and videos!! I love watching the dogs play in the's so fun:)