Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Zack was one of our foster dogs-- and a foster failure. :-) His foster mom fell in love with him!
The family took a vote and they decided to keep Zack. He plays with his Chihuahua sister who is full of energy! Sometimes, Zack tells her "enough!"
Then, they take a nap-- or look out the front door.
Zack is a happy boy! He goes to work with his mom a lot. I think all jobs should allow them-- of course, nothing would be done because the dogs would be getting a lot of attention from all the co-workers! Thanks, Cris for giving Zack a wonderful home!
(And here's a video you might enjoy if you have a dog who pulls on the leash-- we've all had those dogs!)


lady jicky said...

What a cutie!

Cate Bach said...

Zack is precious!!! On another note, I noticed that Nick, Noelle Holly's sister, has an adoption pending! So exciting!