Thursday, January 20, 2011


Cranberry is my nine year old Pekingese. She's the queen here. She is really pretty good. If the dogs don't bother her, she doesn't bother them. And she's doesn't usually get into trouble. But, one day.....
I was in the kitchen, and talking on the phone. I heard something. I looked in the sink-- nothing. I looked around-- nothing. And then, I turned around, and there was a line of paper towels stretching across the kitchen. I bent down to tear it apart and close the door. Otherwise, I could see the whole roll disappearing around the corner.
Starlight and Max were not guilty-- they're just trying to figure out what is going on.
The towels ended here. With Cranberry. Eating.
She had dragged thema long way, the roll of towels turning and turning as she went.
Let's see, is this about a 1/4 of a roll?
She didn't care. She doesn't even act guilty. That's my girl!


lady jicky said...

There was a certain Queen who said "let them eat cake" then there is a certain Queen that eats paper towels and eats them "take away" too!!!!

Pekiegirl said...

Too funny!! LOL!

Tracey said...

Hahahahahahaha.... oh my goodness! She is too funny! Of course she isn't guilty. She was just entertaining herself!

Cate Bach said...

Haha! Linda, this is hilarious! Cranberry has been caught white-toweled!

cby said...

Appears Cranberry has moved on to "larger crimes".
Do you have a doily larger than your TP holder to cover your PT holder? There is just not enough going on at your place to keep "La Madame"entertained. LOL

Really, Linda. You are going to have to disclose that the fosters are witnesses to this type of behavior on the adoption contracts. Please monitor Cranberry's time on the laptop, I don't want her emailing & giving Caleb further ideas, he has enough already!

emilyp said...

LOL! I love that!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Cranberry!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Linda said...

Carey, I even bought a toilet paper cover and it didn't work. Scooter just ate chunks off the toilet paper. The paper towels are usually in the closed cabinet, but one edge was hanging out and Cranberry found it.

cby said...

Ever since Caleb arrived, I've had constant companionship in the bathroom. I thought he wanted to be with me, until I saw him eyeing the TP roll!
Thank you Scooterbug, you are a great "Roll" model.