Friday, January 21, 2011


If you know someone who loses their pet (horrible thought!), here is a little of people who help-- and those who are scammers!
Coco Bean was turned over to us from a shelter in Maryland. She is very young-- a year to 18 months. She is very playful and loves people. Just give her a minute to trust them-- she wants to sit back and make sure they are safe first.
She is so pretty. And she loves to sit with you on the couch.
She wants to sit with Max on the couch, also. PLEASE LET ME UP THERE.
And here I am!
And I think I'll curl up for a nap.
Did you say something? I keep seeing flashes! Would you put the camera away?
I just want to settle in for a warm winter's nap. Coco Bean is now at Jeanne's in Richmond, where she can play with Carter. I hope they can be friends until Coco finds her forever home! Here she is playing with a friend:
*****Someone told me that "Cleaning up after a child is like shoveling in the middle of a snowstorm." I think this can be applied to Pekingese, too. Have you ever put all the toys away, just to find them spread everywhere again? If you have pictures that would go with that statement, send them to me at :-) *****


lady jicky said...

Coco is one pretty girl! I am sure she will find a home real soon!

Natalia said...

Nala LOVES dragging ALL of her toys out of the basket and puts them all on the bed. I usually wake up in the morning and find something tucked under my body! She's too funny.

emilyp said...

I bet Coco Bean and Carter are having tons of fun together:)