Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ju Li was one of the Bristol 18. We still have a few who are waiting for homes-- Gizmo, Brandy, Ju Li. They are amazing dogs, and have all come so far from the horrible beginning life they were given.
Ju Li is a very faithful little girl. She just wants someone to love her forever-- just like Gizmo and Brandy. She has come out of her shell and loves to play.
Here she is with RB/Rose Bud, and Katrina-- both have their forever homes. Here are some videos of Ju Li playing with her foster sister, Lily. Her foster mom and dad call her Jelly Bean-- I just love that!!
Click here: YouTube - Ju Li "Jelly Bean" running .3gp Ju Li is trying to get Lily to play and.....

Click here: YouTube - julilily She did! I love how rescue dogs come out of their shell and become happy, whole Pekes!


lady jicky said...

Oh she is so sweet and she sounds like a delicate soul like my Moi Moi.

I do hope she finds a home real soon - so pretty!

Alyssa Glace said...

Hi! I'm not sure if anyone will see this but I was looking up the history of my puppy and I found this page. I'm proud to say that my family is the one that adopted Ju Li. You guys can rest assured that we are giving her all the love and kisses and treats that she can handle :) I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped my dog find her way to me.