Sunday, January 23, 2011


I got Coco Puff out of a shelter on my birthday last fall! That means early October for all of you who don't know when my birthday is haha. Rescuing a dog on my birthday is just fine with me-- what a gift!
What I didn't know was that Coco had eye injuries that were about to go bad quickly.
I was going to put her in another foster home but when I realized how serious her condition was, I kept her here with me. Not that others can't do a good job, but I have the ability to get to vet appointments (even though I take my grandson with me) at any time, and to specialists any day of the week.
Coco Puff was so excited to get out of the shelter. She wanted to watch out the window. If you notice, her feet at right near the window button-- so I put the "child locks" on. Otherwise, I can have windows opening and closing while I'm driving!
As soon as she arrived, we went to the vet. That's when we realized there was an eye injury. So, off to the specialist. Within days, after several visits to the ophthalmologist, Coco Puff's eye ruptured right in front of the Dr. Nadelstein. He is an incredible doctor and has people come from all over to see him. One person was there who drove two days from Miami to see him. He is one of eight specialists through out the United States who can do some kinds of eye surgery-- and he is 15 minutes from my house! Our rescue group is so lucky!!!
After her surgery-- which refilled her eye and had a graft on it-- her eye was saved!!! What we didn't know is the other eye also was injured.
It apppeared that the hair on the inner part of both eyes was growing right into her eyes! So, she had a second eye surgery. After months of treatment, Coco Puff was finally released by the eye doctor. We spent a lot on her, but we saved her eyes AND her sight. Yes, she can see out of both eyes.
She squinted for a long time, and I was putting eye drops in around the clock-- during the night several times (like having a baby here!) and through out the day. Was she worth it? YOU BET!
She was so sweet throughout everything. She even wagged her tail when the vet was checking her injured eye. She was just sweet! And she is so good about getting her eye drops-- never tried to snap or bite. Not once.
And then, we had an application for her that sounded perfect! So, off we went. We went to my daughter's farm, and then met her possible new mom a few days later. I do drive all over to find homes-- it's fine to do that. I like to meet my prospective owners myself. I get very protective of these dogs! Coco Puff was very relaxed in the car, as you can see.
When she realized we took a picture, she woke up. She does not like having her picture taken-- I think the flash bothers her.
And now she is in her new home (this is a picture from a few weeks ago). Her new mom said she is doing great and that she said I wasn't kidding-- Coco Puff is one sweet dog! THANK YOU for adopting her! You are the kind of home I want for every dog I foster! Give her a hug for me!


lady jicky said...

So glad to hear she got a lovely home and they will keep a watch on her eye :)

Tracey said...

Linda, you were truly a blessing to Coco Puff. Hard to believe how sweet she is after all she went trough! Praying that she and her new family are blessed with years of happiness together! She deserves it after all she went through with her eyes. Happy New Furever family Coco!!

emilyp said...

Love to hear a happy ending for Coco Puff:)