Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Jerky Treats Causing Fanconi Syndrome in DogsBackgroundThe American Veterinary Medical Association recently has posted a MediaAlert warning veterinarians that multiple brands of jerky treatsmanufactured in China have been making dogs sick.No cats have been reported to be affected. A contaminant has yet to beidentified. At this time there is no list of specific brands affectedand there is no recall in effect, so these products are still being soldto consumers.Presenting Signs and Laboratory FindingsThe dogs appear to be developing an acquired Fanconi's syndrome whichappears to be transient. Small dogs with a history of ingesting jerkytreats (mostly chicken jerky) are typically affected. Clinical signsinclude vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy.Physical examination findings have been unremarkable. In addition tomildly elevated liver enzymes, the most common blood abnormalitiesinclude severe decrease in Potassium, called hypokalemia, along withacidosis and glucose (sugar) in the urine and granular casts onurinalysis. Elevated kidney enzymes; Blood Urea Nitrogen and Creatininemay or may not be consistently found.Testing RecommendationsFor dogs with apparent Fanconi's syndrome, we recommend a CBC, chemistrypanel including electrolytes, urinalysis and urine culture. Blood gasanalysis, if available, is ideal. Additional testing for other causes ofacute kidney damage including Leptospirosis blood testing is alsorecommended. Kidney x-rays, and Fanconi screens on urine may bewarranted in some cases.This veterinarian is seeing dogs with apparent acute liver failure problemsassociated with canine treats made by Delmonte.

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