Thursday, January 6, 2011

JU LI of the BRISTOL 18

I just received this picture of Precious Peyton. His name was listed on my December 31 blog where I try to honor those who we lost last year. He belonged to our foster mom, Maria, and he was the sweetest and dearest Peke she had. She misses him so much. Thank you Maria, for sharing his beautiful face with us. Farewell, sweet Peyton. Rest in peace.
JU LI of the BRISTOL 18

Katrina (now Penny) and Ju Li (on the right) were the last two Pekes to come to us from the Bristol 18. Katrina was adopted, but Ju Li is still waiting for her forever home.

She was not cared for in the puppy mill and can be timid and nervous at first. But, offer her a treat and she will gently take it.

In her foster home, she was great posing for her Halloween picture-- she's the second from the right. She is so cute! She's only about 12 pounds and a very compact little girl. She has little legs and little "bear paws."

She loves to be held and cuddled. It's her favorite thing!

She is under 2 years old and ready for her forever home. Her fur is thick and she loves to run and gives kisses and just be loved on. She gets excited when her foster parents come home from work and she has a lot of love to give. If you are interested in adopting her, please email


emilyp said...

Ju Li is just adorable , she definitely deserves her furever home really soon! I love that picture with the one peke stepping out, lol. Too funny:)

lady jicky said...

Ooooooo - Linda I would take her in a flash!

Karin said...

She sure is a pretty little peke and deserves to be treated like a princess ~ if only I didn't already have a house filled with furry friends...