Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here I go again. Look at the date: 1/11/11-- all those ones again. And at 1:11, on 1/11/11, we'll have a LOT of ones! It doesn't take much to entertain me. :-) (And who is that cutie in the picture-- it's Lil Bit, my oldest grandchild! I love this picture!)
Here's Keller again. I think this is a beautiful picture-- he's so fluffy and healthy!! His foster mom/new mom sent me some more pictures of him. And of course, I have to share them with you.
Keller was with his friend, Copper, the Pomeranian before his eye surgery. And he's still best friends.....
I don't think they can get any closer when they're sleeping.
He sometimes goes to work with his mom. It must be a very dog friendly work place! I hear of this more and more.
He likes to pose for pictures, I think. ;-)
Or just veg out while his mom works.
He is a happy Peke-- you don't have to have sight to be happy. He's adjusted well and just looks forward to each day.
Who could resist loving this sweet boy. Not us! Not his foster mom-- and that's just why she is keeping him.
She told me that he will continue to always get as much love as he does now! And look at what he thinks about that! Can he smile any bigger? It just makes my heart want to pop to see how great he is doing. Thank you, Colleen, for all you did for him!


Tracey said...

Linda, your grandgirl is gorgeous! I love all the snow in her hair! Keller is handsome! And, he looks so happy! It really helps me to see that and know that I did the right thing for Anniebelle! Thank you for sharing those pictures today! Happy Tuesday! Tracey

emilyp said...

:) that last picture says it all!

lady jicky said...

Your granddaughter is so pretty!

Lovely to see Keller again and I just adore that last photo too!
Like emilyp says -- "says it all" --sure does!!! :)