Saturday, March 26, 2011


This is Spud, a Jack Russell Terrier. His dad used to own Pekingese, but right now he just has 15-year-old Spud. When his dad plays the guitar, Spud thinks it's fun to get into his guitar case. :-)
The rest of the pictures are Tracey's Pekes. You may have seen some of these on our facebook account, but I had to share anyway. Her dogs are so cute!
Whoever said 'LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE" didn't sleep with dogs. The first thing you discover when you bring a dog onto your bed is the striking difference in weight between an alert, awake dog and a dog at rest.
Rule Number One: The deeper the sleep the heavier the dog. Most people who sleep with dogs develop spinal deformities rather than rent the heavy equipment necessary to move their snoring canines to a more appropriate part of the bed. Cunning canines steal precious space in tiny increments until they have achieved the center position on the bed- with all covers carefully tucked under them for safekeeping. The stretch and roll method is very effective in gaining territory. Less subtle tactics are sometimes preferred. A jealous dog can worm his way between a sleeping couple and, with the proper spring action from all four legs, shove a sleeping human to the floor.
Rule Number Two: Dogs possess superhuman strength while on a bed. As you cling to the edge of the bed, wishing you had covers, your sweet pup begins to snore at a volume you would not have thought possible. Once that quiets down, the dog dreams begin. Yipping, growling, running, kicking. Your bed becomes a battlefield and playground of canine fantasy. It starts out with a bit of "sleep running", lots of eye movement and then, suddenly, a shrieking howl blasted through the night.
Rule Number Three: The deeper the sleep, the louder the dog. The night creeps on and you fall asleep in the 3 inches of bed not claimed by a dog. Then, too soon, it's dawn and the dog stirs. Each dog has a distinctive and unpleasant method of waking the pack.
One may position itself inches from a face and stare until you wake. The clever dog obtains excellent results by simply sneezing on your face, or they could romp all over your sleeping bodies.
Rule Number Four: When the dog wakes - you wake.So, why do we put up with this? There's no sane reason.
Perhaps it's just that we're a pack and a pack sleeps together at night - safe, contented, heavy and loud.
What can we do-- just curl up and smile. :-)


lady jicky said...

Mmmmm, but Linda, Kenzo and I are NOT allowed to sleep on the beds!
We have to sleep in our little ones in the kitchen.
I am not happy,

emilyp said...

LOL, so true Linda:)

Karin said...

LOL, you described it perfectly, Linda!
My 6ft.+ husband and I share the full-size bed with three poms. Mocha awakens us with his cough to be let outside at least once or twice during the night, usually
3AM and 6AM due to his water pills for his heart condition.
Tracey's picture with dogs and cats sprawled out all over the place made me laugh ~ looks a lot like our house during the day:)
Fun post!

Tracey said...

lol... thank you for sharing my babies! You said it so well! They certainly rule the house!! But, I really wouldn't have it any other way! I mean how do you resist such sweet snuggle buddies!