Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is the flyer from last year's Peke Picnic. Get ready-- a new flyer is coming to the web site and blog. The picnic this year is on April 30-- same place, same time. Rescue (Jeanne and I) will have our own tent!! So come find us. We're anxious to see you all!! ++++ ++++ +++++
Starlight is still confined to a playpen-- but today I let Beach Bit join her for a while.
Starlight has missed her baby and so I let them chat.
Starlight was so happy that she had to give Beach Bit a kiss-- or was that just left over rice cereal.
I let Beach Bit watch Starlight from his jumperoo. Starlight wished SHE could get in it. Soon, I hope-- (Don't worry- -I really don't put my Pekingese in jumperoos.)
Then, we sat on the floor and Beach Bit held on to the playpen bars to get close to Starlight. Melinda in Australia said that " she is not looking so "twinkly" in jail!" (She doesn't feel so twinkly either!)
Wow, look at that tongue. I never knew it was so long.
That's better-- get close so she can give Beach Bit a big smacker. (This video is not for the squeamish :-) Click here: YouTube - beachbitstar )
Wow, did you see that Moppy?? (That's my grandmom name.) Starlight is still giving kisses. Hopefully, soon Starlight will get better. She is trying to move her back legs a little more. She will be in the playpen for at least another week and a half. Even after that, she will be limited. Just want my girl to get better!


lady jicky said...

What you don't know Linda, is that Beach Bit was supposed to swap the key to the lock via a big smacko kiss!

Hey -- Beachy is too young to bake a cake with a file in it! LOL

Pekiegirl said...

That is just too cute! He just puts his face right up there for Starlight to kiss! How sweet!

Nicky said...

Such cute pictures! Glad Starlight is making progress. Keep it up Starlight, you're doing great!!

emilyp said...

I'm so glad that Starlight is getting better:) I bet she loved time with her baby:)

Tracey said...

Linda that warmed my heart. I bet Beach Bit is just the medicine that Starlight needs to feel better. It is so cute how much she loves him and he her! I love it! Thanks for sharing the smile and love!

Mary Elizabeth said...

So sweet! I am glad to hear Starlight is on the mend, and that "her" baby is right there to make her feel better.

Karin said...

Love the pictures where Starlight is giving kisses!
It's so hard to confine them when they don't understand it's for their own good to help speed up healing, but getting a special visit from Beach Bit sure made Starlight's day!