Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 Lucy came into rescue in pretty rough shape.   She had been tied to a post outside most of her life.  I don't understand that--never will.    Her owners said she "didn't do anything and was old."
 What she needed was help.    She had seven seizures the first day we got her.   Can you imagine that she went through that all by herself, with no one noticing or helping or caring?
 Jeanne fostered her and Carter became her buddy.   So did Gus, another of Jeanne's fosters.
 Yes, Gus, I'm talking about you, you sweet thing!
 Lucy got help for her seizures, Dr. Rich Teague found what would work for her and she is doing so well!
 Gus and Lucy love to hang out on the porch.    They came into rescue about the same time and are both the sweetest dogs!!
 Lucy has really stolen Jeanne's heart and I know letting her go is very hard-- that's the hard part of rescue and fostering.   We love them, care for them, and then have to let them go.   We can help the next one that way, but oh, part of our heart leaves with each one.
 Lucy is hanging out with Sassy Marie here.   Both these girls are so precious.
 Gus will miss his Lucy I know-- oh, I could kiss his face!
Lucy is being adopted this week.   I know her new mom will let us know how she does.   It makes letting them go a little easier, but I know Jeanne will sure miss her.    We will be cheering Lucy on-- and hugging Jeanne in our hearts!   Jeanne, you are such an incredible, loving foster mom!


lady jicky said...

Jeanne - I do hope Lucy's Mum will get intouch with you and keep you "up to date'. It must be really, really hard to hand them over after such good care !

I hope Bill is well too Jeanne!

Unknown said...

I too hope that Lucy's new mom will keep us all posted how she is doing.
We will miss seeing her precious little face too. I think a lot of us grew to love her as well....I know I did!! Have a Great and Blessed Life precious Lucy!!!