Thursday, August 13, 2015


Madeline Grace met Sugar Bit.  
Madeline was so interested in her!  
She wanted to see a little closer-- Sugar Bit was watching, too.
Madeline and Starlight have similar coloring-- Starlight has more of the light brown in her, but if you don't look twice, you might get them mixed up.   Well, maybe not.   Starlight is PUFFY, and 3 pounds bigger.   But, they are both cute.
After Sugar Bit was out of the swing, I put Madeline in.    I know, I know-- I'm a bit much.
She weighs less than Sugar Bit by 4 pounds.
She thought it was very cool!
"I think I'll stay here awhile."
I did not turn on the music or movement.
Maybe I should have-- she would have fallen asleep.
We all went into the kitchen, and Madeline saw all the toys that Sugar Bit has-- maybe she could get one.
She jumped right in!   It didn't phase Sugar Bit a bit-- of course, we took Madeline out.    But, it shows me how good Madeline is.   She is such a sweet dog-- even if she is not a Pekingese. :-)


lady jicky said...

Sugar Bit is like her Grandma .... loves them there Peke's!

I am telling ya Linda .... this one you should keep!

* Madeline ... not the Sugar B. !
( you would be up for kidnapping ! LOL )

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Loved this edition of the blog! Sugar Bit looks like her brother and I love her smile at Madeline jumping in her lap!! Is that a touch of jealousy I see in Starlight?? :) My Ted loves babies & kids, too, and would definitely have wanted to check out that swing! :)