Saturday, October 22, 2016


Bella came into rescue last year and was adopted by a previous adopter.   She has taken over the house and is so loved there.   She has great talents!   Bella made her bed!! She had been laying on top of the pillow but when her mom put her back up on the bed, she went over to the pillow and started "digging" to make the bed. Then she started pushing the pillow up and got underneath it. And this is how she ended up!
It's amazing how talented these Pekes are!  
 She also knows how to get the toilet paper off the roll.   HMM, I think I've seen this talent in my house.
I think she's trying to cover herself up!   
It's better to just get back in bed and cover up with the real thing-- a blanket!!


LadyJicky said...

What a naughty but clever exquisite black Peke Miss Bella Ann is!!!!

Lost Earring said...

Ohhhh if this is not the cutest thing. I wonder what these sweet babies think after a life of hardship and bad treatment they suddenly find themselves in a soft compfy warm bed with pillows and warm blankets. They usually have anything to compare it with so they must wonder why it took so long to experience such a beautiful thing.